About us

Lambeth Cyclists is the Lambeth branch of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC).

We have three principal aims:
      • to encourage people to cycle
      • to improve conditions for cyclists
      • to raise the profile of cycling.

Encouraging people to cycle
We run various rides and events throughout the year, especially during national Bike Week (mid June). These are social rides to places of interest but also serve to demonstrate alternative routes for cyclists.

Improving conditions for cyclists
Lambeth Cyclists work principally with the transport department at Lambeth Council and Transport for London to improve conditions for cyclists in the borough.This involves quarterly meetings with the cycling officer to comment on cycling schemes and general highways policy.

Raising the profile of cycling
Lambeth Cyclists attend various events such as the Lambeth Country Show in July or Car Free Day in September, providing information and talking to people about cycling.

As well as liaising with local media to publicise issues and events, we also work with other levels of government such as the London Authority and the London Mayor in concert with the London Cycling Campaign office.

Lambeth Cyclists meetings
We hold meetings on the third Thursday of the month at 7:30pm  - see the meetings page for details.

Email group
We have a well used email group where you can keep in touch with dates for rides, meetings, and other events, and keep abreast of various issues. Join Lambeth Cyclists on Google Groups.

Lambeth Cyclists is one of the bigger borough groups that make up the London Cycling Campaign. Our members live across right across the borough. Members receive email updates from Lambeth Cyclists and our quarterly newsletter (our archive) with their copy of London Cyclist magazine from the London Cycling Campaign.

See also our Facebook and Twitter pages

London Cycling Campaign, Unit 201 Metropolitan Wharf , 70 Wapping Wall, London, E1W 3SS
Registered Charity No: 1115789. www.lcc.org.uk