Brixton gets cash for walking and cycling infrastructure

We have great news this morning that Lambeth council will get cash to make walking, cycling and living in Brixton better.

This should be a big step forward and we look forward to working with the council to help deliver on its successful bid. The Liveable Neighbourhoods money from TfL should mean big improvements to safety for people walking and cycling and for people travelling on buses in and around Brixton.
Lambeth and TfL's vision for Atlantic Road

Lambeth's plan is focussed around Atlantic Road, which will transformed for people walking, cycling and using the bus. The TFL money will overhaul public spaces, widen pavements and add pedestrian crossings, creating a much more welcoming environment for the area’s visitors, residents and businesses.

Lambeth Cyclists say "Lambeth has long claimed to want to be the most cycle friendly borough - the liveable neighbourhood will be a big step towards making that a reality. More importantly, this isn’t just for people on bikes - low traffic neighbourhoods mean cleaner air and better conditions for walking too.

A higher quality environment in central Brixton is great news for our independent traders, with better walking and cycling links to other centres bringing in more customers."

The project will build high-quality infrastructure on three key strategic cycle routes: Brixton to Clapham Common, Brixton to Camberwell and Brixton to Herne Hill. Low traffic neighbourhoods will be created in the Ferndale Road and Railton Road areas and a new, fully segregated cycle route linking to the Loughborough neighbourhood.

What is the Liveable Neighbourhoods Programme?
The Liveable Neighbourhoods Programme provides funding specifically for area-based walking and cycling projects. These are the successors to the “mini-Holland” schemes in Enfield, Kingston and Waltham Forest that London Cycling Campaign won from previous mayor Boris Johnson. In the run-up to Sadiq Khan’s election as Mayor, the London Cycling Campaign got him to “Sign for Cycling” and pledge to make available funding for all London boroughs for such programmes – so these Liveable Neighbourhoods are also down to LCC campaigning!

Could we get safer, cleaner school streets?

Lambeth Council has started a consultation on the first School Street in the borough.

School Streets aim to create safer streets and less polluted air by closing the roads around a school to motor vehicles during drop-off and pick-up times.

This first in Lambeth is proposed for Immanuel and St Andrew CE Primary School in Streatham.

Lambeth Cyclists supports School Streets to make getting to school safer and to tackle the poor area around many of our local schools. As Lambeth Council says, even in a borough with low car ownership such as Lambeth, roads around schools are often clogged with traffic at the beginning and end of the school day.

We think the proposal could be more ambitious but hope you will support it.

Find out more and respond to the consultation by 11pm on Monday 4 March.