Have your say: three more council consultations!

Ruskin Park to Kennington Park Greenway 

Read the details and respond by 18 December. Here are our comments.

1. Calais Street/ Cormont Road/ Halsmere Road Junction – support

2. Cormont Road/ Brief Street Junction – support

3. Knatchbull Road/ Lilford Road/ Minet Road Junction – it will provide Bikeability instructors at Loughborough Primary School on Minet Road with a headache. A conventional alternative option would be a mini roundabout, but will this leave Lilford Road dominant in reality?

Giving priority to traffic on Knatchbull and Minet Road crossing Lilford Road runs the risk of increasing rat-running on the these roads, plus drivers on Lilford Road may not respect the priority.
 Norwood area consultation on community priorities - Knight's Hill, Gipsy Hill and Thurlow Park wards
What are your priorities for your streets, open spaces and places? Lambeth council's consultation.

Our streets - the neighbourhood enhancement programme - Streatham and Clapham Park
Following the recent engagement done around the Our Streets programme, the council's gone to the drawing board to come up with proposals that cover the points raised by residents and businesses in the Thornton, St Leonards, Streatham Wells and Streatham South wards.

Consultation: improving Lambeth's 20mph streets

Don't speed past this consultation, act now to have your say on changes in different bits of Clapham and Streatham. You can respond now on Lambeth Council's website. These comments may help you.

A more structured approach to managing the road network programme, such that many roads become access only would be more effective than the majority of the measures outlined here. In principle therefore, we oppose most of these measures.

In the absence of sufficient political will from Lambeth to commit to such a scheme, we make these suggestions on the measures proposed.

1. Sherwood Avenue, Streatham
The Councillors in Streatham South ward signed up to the Lambeth Cyclists/LCC Space for Cycling ward requests:
  • Remove rat-running traffic between the A23 and the B272 (Greyhound Lane/Streatham Vale)
  • Rat runs at Glenister Park Road, Sherwood Road and Woodmansterne need to be controlled so only residents can reach their homes, or reduce the lanes so that HGVs do not use this route as a short cut in order to avoid Greyhound Lane and A23.

Possible closure at bridge on Glencairn Road. To improve the weaker measures proposed: The existing flare at the junction with Glenister Park Road makes the pedestrian crossing on the road unacceptably long, so the junction geometry needs tightening. This may be drawn on the plan, but the width can probably be further reduced.

Consideration could be given to changing the priority at the junction with Hawkhurst Road, as a means of reducing speed along Sherwood Ave.

Cycling with pedestrian priority should be permitted on the path between Sherwood Ave and Runnymede Crescent. The opportunity may exist within this scheme to make the kerb flush.

2. Leigham Court Road, Streatham
The volume and type of traffic here is likely to mean that, to score well on the Cycling Level of Service, separate space for cycling is required. The proposals do not address this.

Given the proximity of schools and the east-west desirability of the Mount Nod Road/Leigham Avenue cycle route, the priority should be changed so that users of Leigham Court Road give way at this junction. A pedestrian/cycle zebra would be a second, but poorer option as would a Toucan crossing.

We seek assurance that the scheme has been designed bearing in mind the Lambeth Cyclists Space for Cycling proposals that Streatham Wells Councillors signed up to:
  • Provide an adult and child friendly north-south route parallel to the A23 by filtering out through-motor traffic. 
  • Make Valley Road and Leigham Vale a quiet and green cycleway, using modal filtering to minimise motor traffic on these roads and preventing their use as a rat-run. This would link across Streatham Common to either Copley Park or Braxted Park, and north via Hillside Road. 
The opportunity should be taken to provide an excellent cycle crossing between Valleyfield Road and Leaf Grove. This should comply with the ward proposals signed up to by Councillors of Knight’s Hill ward. The Space for Cycling needed in this area is: Nurture children cycling in the Julian's Primary School area through reducing rat-running and filter out rat-running motor traffic within the area bounded by Knights Hill, Crown Lane/Dale, Streatham High Road and Christchurch Road - in particular St Julian's Farm Road to facilitate pupils at Julian's Primary School sites.

3. Gauden Road, Clapham
'1057 cycle markings' must be positioned in accordance with Bikeability training – that is not in the door zone. We support the junction treatments to bring forward the give way lines, lessen pedestrian crossing distance and improve geometry.

4. Streatham Lodge 
While the measures are inoffensive, we question whether the money needed to install raised tables may be better put towards implementing a more ambitious scheme to traffic management and enabling all ages cycling in this area.

The consultation closes 23 December. Read more and see plans Lambeth Council's website.


Consultation: Two-way cycling in one-way streets

Lambeth Council is consulting on allowing two-way cycling on all one-way streets.

Lambeth Council says:
Lambeth Council’s policy is to encourage cycling by making it an attractive transport option to all types of people. The bicycle can be given a major advantage over motorised modes by making cycle access more direct and extensive. Allowing two-way cycling in one-way streets is one way this is achieved, delivering the following benefits for cyclists
  • improved local access
  • reduced journey distances and times 
  • more route choices. 
About 40 streets in Lambeth have already been converted from standard one-way streets to, one-way streets that allow legal two-way cycling. There are still about 70 one-way street in the borough where cyclist cannot legally cycle in both directions. We are working to bring two-way cycling to all one-way streets in Lambeth.

Please support the plans but add what additional measures would be beneficial, for example a ban on large lorries using a street as a cut through or better signage.

Read more and respond Lambeth's consultation today. It closes on 18 December.

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Last month's architecture ride looked at war memorials.
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