Live in Larkhall, Stockwell or Vassall Wards? Tell the council your local priorities

Do you live in Larkhall, Stockwell or Vassall Wards in Lambeth? (see Ward maps)?
Map of Lambeth showing Larkhall, Stockwell and Vassall wards on

Lambeth are consulting on local priorities for these areas as part of its Cooperative Local Investment Plan which will be used to inform local investment decisions in the area.

Based on local profile information the Council have come up with five local priorities

  • Improving employment opportunities and access to skills and training
  • A focus on teenagers
  • Better transport and streets around Myatt’s Fields Park
  • Enhancing and maintaining parks and local open spaces
  • Helping people live healthier lives

  • And are now consulting local people on what they would like to see happen under the different priority headings. 

    To give your views on your priorities please complete the survey on the Lambeth website  - the closing date is Friday 8 July 2016. 

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