How will Lambeth's Public Health service boost cycling?

Please come along and find out about imminent changes to the Public Health service and how active travel will be boosted as a consequence at Lambeth Cyclists and Southwark Cyclists joint meeting on Monday 19th November at 6.30pm at CAN Mezzanine, 32-36 Loman Street, SE1 0EH (just off Cycling Superhighway 7 by Union Street).

Our guest speaker is Dr Ruth Wallis, recently appointed as the Joint Director of Public Health for a new shared Public Health service across the London Boroughs of Lambeth and Southwark.

Given that physical inactivity is reckoned to cause 6-10% of the major non-communicable diseases (Lancet 9838) clearly it is crucial that the public health service works to get people moving about.

Public health is currently the responsibility of the NHS but under the Government’s Health and Social Care Act 2012 will transfer to local authorities on Monday 1 April 2013. The public health departments for Lambeth and Southwark will join together to create one integrated public health service for the two boroughs. 

Ruth was previously the Joint Director of Public Health for Lambeth.

The Leader of Southwark Council, Councillor Peter John, said: “We welcome the appointment of Ruth Wallis as the new joint Director of Public Health and are confident that a shared professional public health team between Lambeth and Southwark will help enable the combined expertise and resources from both areas to focus on common health issues – many of which are known to cross borough boundaries.”

Ruth became a Consultant in Public Health Medicine in 1990 and has worked in a number of senior roles across the NHS and local authorities.


CAN Mezzanine, 32-36 Loman Street, SE1 0EH (just off Cycling Superhighway 7 by Union Street

Map & directions:

Cycle parking is on Loman St junction with Risborough St. Barclay bike station very close on Union St..