A23 in Lambeth to Go Dutch?

At our November meeting we agreed that we would press Transport for London to consider making the A23 in Lambeth and exemplar for a cycle friendly main route as part of LCC’s wider Go Dutch campaign. Our vision is for a road on which cyclists of all ages and abilities can happily travel safely at their own speed.

The A23 stretches the full length of the borough from the riverside near to Waterloo station down through the Oval junction before heading through Brixton and Streatham town centres and onwards to Croydon and beyond.

It is an important thoroughfare with two major shopping areas, the town hall and two libraries situated along the road. It is also a residential road with housing located along almost its entire length in Lambeth.

We hope to be able to work with TfL and Lambeth Council to see how the going Dutch principles can be applied to this road to make it more people friendly. Come to our January meeting where we will be exploring what would be required for the A23 to Go Dutch.

London Cycling Campaign information on Go Dutch