Lambeth Cyclists annual meeting 2011

On 19 April 2011 we held our annual meeting looking back over what was a very successful year in which we influenced policy and promoted cycling throughout Lambeth as well as running training and many successful rides.

The meeting heard from blogger Mark Ames who has created the popular website ibikelondon  – he outlined his vision of a cycle friendly London and suggested new ways of campaigning to bring about changes using social media such as blogs, twitter and facebook etc which can complement existing ‘traditional’ means of consultation and campaigning to bring about change.

The 2010-2011 Lambeth Cyclists Management Committee and especially Treasurer Olivia Christophersen, who has decided to stand down, were thanked for their hard work.

The new Management Committee elected at the meeting are:
Borough Coordinator: shared jointly by Philip Loy and Charlie Holland, Treasurer: Chris James, Council Liaison Officer: Clare Neely, Projects, Rides and Events Officer: Dave Lukes, Newsletter Editor: Luke Evans, Publicity Officer: Andrew Weir

Update: Nigel continues with sustainable transport

Lambeth Cabinet member Nigel Haselden will continue to have responsibility for transport in Lambeth in his new position as Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Planning & Strategic Transport.

Lambeth Cyclists architecture ride report: 27 March 2011: the uses of antiquity

Detail in the British Museum

The idea of the 'Ancient World' - of Greece , Rome , Egypt and the other classic civilisations of the Mediterranean - has been an extremely potent force in the history of European art and culture.

This ride looked at some of the ways it has expressed itself in London 's buildings, focusing on the high noon of Neoclassicism in the early 1800s, but also taking in some less familiar uses and abuses of the antique ideal from the 17th century to the present day.

We are grateful to David Garrard of English Heritage for leading this ride

Bike the borough 26 June 2011

The Bike the borough website is now live – see