Lambeth Cyclists architecture ride report: 22 May 2010 In glorious technicolor, or, the architectural kaleidoscope

No building is literally colourless - but some buildings are more colourful than others, and just occasionally a building's coloration becomes central to its architectural identity.

This tour ran through the full psychedelic spectrum from the muted and monochrome to the vibrant and rainbow-hued, looking at a range of structures in which architects both ancient and modern have wielded the colour palette to particularly dazzling effect.


New Herne Hill junction opens

After much controversy and sharply divided local opinion the new junction at the entrance to Brockwell Park in Herne Hill has opened (it caused some controversy and tension at our 2008 GLA elections hustings and was touched on at our 2010 Council elections hustings).

The scheme will now move towards phase two which will see Railton Road partly pedestrianised and closed off as a through route. The plans for the junction promised an improved route through the junction for cyclists –we will be monitoring cyclists’ experiences of the junction and feeding back comments to Lambeth and Transport for London on this issue. If you use the junction and have any comments, positive or negative, to make on the new arrangements please email us and we will compile them and pass them on to the Council.

Lambeth Cyclists architecture ride report: 15 May 2010 rock 'n roll ride

A Lambeth Cyclists rock and roll extravaganza!
Abbey Road cover on

This ride looked at buildings and places in London with some famous and not-so-famous connections with the music legends of our time.

The ride looked at musical connections locally in Lambeth, then headed for Central London via Battersea Park, Chelsea, Camden and Hampstead Heath. We then went due south to end our ride in Waterloo.

Some of the celebrities with connections with the places we looked at include The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, David Bowie, The Clash, Pink Floyd, plus links with various movements such as Punk and New Romanticism.


Lambeth Cyclists AGM Tuesday 18 May 2010

On Tuesday 18 May 2010 we will be holding out AGM at the Priory Arms, Landowne Way, SW8, where we will be reviewing the successful year and electing a new management committee for 2010/2011. This is your chance to find out more and perhaps get involved in Lambeth Cyclists. For more information contact Borough Coordinator Philip Loy.

Lambeth election 2010: candidates agree on cycling policy

At a packed Lambeth Council sustainable transport hustings held in April representatives of the Conservative, Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties debated cycling and related measures in Lambeth.

A large degree of consensus emerged with all parties generally signing up to measures contained in the Lambeth Cyclists’ manifesto (available on the website). All parties agreed on the need to increase cycling by continuing support for measures such as cycle training including training of lorry drivers, cycle promotion and making junctions safer. There was less agreement on our proposed 20mph borough-wide speed limit and controlled parking zone policies and criticism of the Council’s reponse to pot hole fixing but these do not detract from the cross-paerty political support that cycling has in Lambeth.

We thank Councillor Julian Heather (Liberal Democrat), John Hare (Green), Councillor Nigel Haselden (Labour), and Councillor Clare Whelan (Conservative) for representing their parties at the event – we look forward to working with them on sustainable transport issues in the future.

Results in Lambeth
As you are probably aware the Labour administration on Lambeth Council was re-elected on 6 May and, in contrast to the national picture, Labour gained five seats on the Council giving it 44 of the 63 Councillors. The Liberal Democrats lost two seats to Labour to end up with 15 Councillors, the Conservatives also lost two seats to Labour ending up with four Councillors. The single Green Party representative on Lambeth was also defeated.

At the time of writing the roles in the Council executive had not been allocated. Lambeth Cyclists will continue to work closely with the new Lambeth administration, opposition Councillors and Council officers to increase cycling in the borough. In particular we will be pressing for the proposals contained in our manifesto to be implemented over the next four years starting off by writing to all Councillors with the full version of the manifesto.