Me and My Bike competition results

Lambeth has announced the winners of its Me and My Bike in Lambeth photography competition (previously mentioned on this site) - see for the winning photos

TfL cycle hire scheme brings £500,000 for cycling in Lambeth

Hire bikes in Perpignan on
Hire bikes in Perpignan
Transport for London’s cycle hire scheme is set to be launched next May (2010) with approximately 6,000 bikes spread over 400 docking stations including 26 located in the North of Lambeth.

Last February Lambeth Cyclists attended an exhibition showing the proposed locations and we were unanimous in our feedback on the scheme: whilst welcoming it we felt that sending inexperienced cyclists out onto the main roads around Vauxhall, the Oval and Waterloo was insane - as local residents we had problems negotiating the network of one way streets in the area.

Lobbying by Lambeth Cyclists and LCC centrally persuaded the Mayor to fund “associated measures” which would make the area more cycle friendly.

One hot June afternoon two of us cycled up and down the streets in the area bounded by Waterloo, Harleyford Road and the river identifying barriers to cycling such as one way streets, no entry signs and curbs that prevent cycle journeys.

Lambeth Transport officers working to a tight timetable jumped on our list of proposals and inserted them into the application document for which Lambeth has now obtained funding from TfL. Announcing the funding Lambeth’s Cycle Projects Officer Richard Ambler confirmed that returning one way streets to two way for
cycling to create permeability throughout the area is a blue print for similar treatment across the borough.

The works will include road resurfacing and other measures so that everyone who cycles in the area will benefit. In addition Lambeth are in the process of submitting bids for an additional £200,000 for cycle training associated with the hire scheme – this is on top of existing training funding.

We hope that the cycle hire scheme will be extended southwards into the borough increasing the number of people on bikes and bringing further benefits for all cyclists.

Lambeth Cyclists to produce manifesto for cycling

Building on our experience of working with officers and councillors of all parties on Lambeth Borough Council we will be working over the next month to produce a
manifesto for cycling in Lambeth.

As you may be aware in May 2010 there are elections to Lambeth Borough Council
(and across all London boroughs) and through consultation with members we will be
drawing up a list of priorities that we would like to see addressed by the new council.

By initiating the discussion now we hope to produce a document that can be adopted
by all the political parties in Lambeth reflecting the cross-party support that cycling and sustainable transport has received in the borough.

Our list of priorities will, we anticipate, include continuation of policies such as
providing subsidised cycle training and giving priority to cyclists and pedestrians in transport policy, in addition we will be looking for commitments to increase
permeability for cyclists. Come along to our meeting/ see the email group for