Get Stockwell Cycling!

Lambeth Cyclists have recently been awarded several thousand pounds worth of grant money for cycle promotion projects in the Stockwell area. We are working with project partners SEA Renue, a specialist consultancy working on sustainable projects throughout London (they have also worked Southwark Cyclists on similar projects). There will be a series of various cycle promotion schemes in the area for local people, including maintenance classes, Dr Bikes, and taster sessions to boost employment in bike-related services, e.g. the training of mechanics. Cycle Training (UK) Ltd are also involved in the project. If you live in Stockwell, look out for the local events!

Herne Hill station - bike security initiative

Lambeth Cyclists have been contacted by the Herne Hill Ward Safer Neighbourhood team at Brixton police station about the spate of bike thefts occurring at the station.

The Police would like to raise awareness of security issues with commuters who leave their bikes at the station.

We are liaising with the Police and will be participating in a joint exercise to publicise the initiative one evening. We also be issuing the LCC's booklets on bike security and other information. Do you live near the station? Could you help out for half an hour giving out these leaflets? The date is to be decided but it will be one evening during the week shortly.

Watch out for information on the email group or contact Philip Loy.