Police liaison news: meeting January 2006

In January 2006 we met with representatives of Lambeth Police.

The meeting was initiated by the Police and involved PC Nick Hedges, a member of the Clapham Town Ward Safer Neighbourhood Team and one of the Policemen on bikes you may have spotted cycling round the borough; and Jonathan Tottman, Detective Superintendent in charge of Crime in Lambeth, who is also a cyclist.

The Police are keen to work with us to reduce the levels of bike theft in the Borough - according to official figures over 1,200 bicycles were reported stolen in Lambeth in the six months from April to September last year – that’s over 200 a month or six a day.

They stressed the importance of the basics of crime prevention: locking the bikes securely in a visible location.

To help businesses the Police have several Crime Prevention Design Advisors who can advise on where to put cycle racks to minimise the risk of theft. We are planning to ensure that these officers are consulted on any new cycle parking proposals we are aware of in the borough. The Police have recommended the free registration service www.immobilise.com, endorsed by Tfl and LCC, which makes it easier to restore stolen bikes to their owners – enter your name, address and bike details on the website so that the Police have the details to hand if the bike is found.

If you have your bike stolen there are various ways of reporting it. You could go to your local police station, report it via the the Metropolitan Police website www.met.police.uk or www.immobilise.com (if registered), telephone Lambeth Police on 020 7326 1212 or, if the theft has just happened, you call 999. Even if you think there is no hope of retrieving your bike please still report it to the Police

Another key area we raised at the meeting was enforcement, particularly in relation to speeding and other dangerous driving practices. The Police acknowledged that this is a problem and recommended that we report extreme cases of dangerous driving to them. They are also interested to hear of hotspots with particular traffic enforcement problems, for example where speed limits or no entry signs are regularly ignored. If you are aware of specific locations in Lambeth which you think we should encourage the Police to target, please let us know so we can take this forward.

All in all this was a very useful and lively meeting and we are hoping it will lead to an ongoing dialogue on a range of crime-related issues affecting cyclists. If you have any queries, comments or suggestions on how to reduce crime against cyclists, please get in touch with us or contact your local Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Pollards Hill Cyclists say Love Yr Bike!

Pollard’s Hill Cyclists have arranged a fun day of cycling related activities on Saturday 11 February. Promising doctor bike sessions, cycle training, a cycle accessories sale, free food, Police advise on crime prevention and much more besides it should be a very enjoyable day out for all the family. The Mayor of London’s Road Safety Ambassador and Green Member of the London Assembly Jenny Jones will be speaking and answering questions about cycling in London at 2:15. All the events are free and will take place at the Commonside Complex, South lodge Road, Mitcham CR4 (over the border in Merton but just off the A23, not far from Streatham)

Further information on the day is available at www.love-yr-bike.co.uk.

Lambeth Cyclists Architecture Rides 2006

We are currently planning our series of Architecture rides for the first few months of 2006.

For 2006 we have varied the rides between Saturdays and Sundays to cater for people who previously could not make Saturdays – they generally still run on the last weekend of the month.

The provisional programme for the next few months is
Sunday 26 February – London’s Museums and Galleries – A tour around the great museums and art galleries of London as well as some of the lesser known ones.

Saturday 25 March - Masterpieces or Monstrosities? - A look at some of London’s more controversial architecture

Saturday 22 April – Charles Voysey - An architect who spanned the late 19th and early 20th centuries. One of the members of the ‘Arts and Crafts’ movement noted for his long, low-roofed houses with coarsely plastered exteriors.

The Architecture Rides generally leave at 10:30 and offer a leisurely amble around the selected architecture led by an enthusiastic guide. Further information on the rides will be available on the Lambeth Cyclists website and email group nearer the time or contact Janet Paske, tel 07740 457 528, email Lambeth_cyclists@hotmail.com.