Bike by tube

Transport for London have put a useful map online showing tube lines on which you can take a bike off-peak. This is a useful resource if you need / wish to take your bike for some of the way by tube. Unfortunately the two tube lines that run through Lambeth - the Northern and Victoria lines - are deep level lines and so do not take bikes at any time.

The map is at

Wandsworth Common victory

Following 10 years of uncertainty the cycle tracks across Tooting and Wandsworth Commons have been given the go-ahead by Transport Secretary Alastair Darling.

Arcane legal arguments and vigorous opposition to cycle tracks by one or two vocal local residents have meant that it has been illegal to cycle on the Commons in spite of vigorous campaigning in favour of cycle tracks by Wansdworth and Lambeth Cyclists, local residents and local schools. The Commons are important commuter and leisure routes and so will benefit all South London cyclists.