Brixton Central Square

Tessa Wright, a Lambeth Cyclists member who is involved in the Brixton Area Forum writes

Consultations have been taking place on plans for Brixton Central Square which would link Tate Gardens, Windrush Square and St Matthew's Peace Gardens. This would involve removing the Brixton Hill/ Effra Road one-way system, reintroducing two-way traffic on Brixton Hill and possible closure to traffic of Effra Road between Coldharbour Lane and Kellet Road.

It has long been an aim of Lambeth Cyclists to close Effra Road to traffic as the current one-way system is very dangerous for cyclists, so this plan provides a great opportunity to make Brixton safer for cyclists and improve the environment for pedestrians, cyclists and residents.

However, at the consultation meetings many local residents have expressed concerns about safety, particularly at night, if Effra Road is closed, creating an open area that could become a place for mugging and other crime. While these are important concerns, it would be a real shame and a missed opportunity if these fears persuaded the council not to close Effra Road. Lambeth Cyclists believes that allowing properly designed cycle access through the new Square will also make it safer by having more people passing through, and is urging councillors and designers to build this in.

We are asking all Lambeth Cyclists who support the closure to respond to the consultation via the Lambeth website (details below) by 22 April, or go to the final consultation event on Saturday 16 April from 12 - 4pm in Windrush Square, Brixton, where there will be a marquee containing an exhibition of the proposals resulting from ideas discussed at the three previous events.

Further information is available on the Lambeth website at

Vote bike!

That’s the message we will be sending to politicians in Lambeth at our general election 2005 hustings/ question time style meeting scheduled for April. We will be joining with other sustainable transport organisations in the Vauxhall constituency to put all the candidates on the spot on what their party is proposing for cyclists, sustainable transport and related issues.

Assuming the General Election is called for 5 May we will be hoping to arrange this meeting in the third week of April in place of our normal meeting. It is likely to be in a different venue to our normal meeting place - Watch the Lambeth Cyclists website and email group for further information!